Concert In front of the Swiss parliament Berne, Euro 2008

Critics 1976-2012

«The author transforms language into perfumes and sounds, into impressions and landscapes, with intense and stunnig pictures.»
Literary commission of the City of Berne, when handing over a literary award» 1993

«Out of this sensitive poems speaks a brillant writer, leading us through the wide dimensions of thinking and feeling.»
twm, BUND 1998

«Distant islands are as much his domain as the realm of the word or the empire of the inner self!"
b.häusler, BERNER BäR

«Does here, in this litterature, open up a new romanticism? A turning away of a super technical world, back to the roots? »
Der Beobachter 1976

Golden record with Vera Kaa • and Golden crown award for »Liedermärli» quality for children

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Swiss International Airlines 2008, Roland Zoss, english/german

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Jimy Flitz Swiss Christmas concert, premiere in Heiliggeistkirche, Bern 2013

Heiliggeistkirche, Literary award for "The Island beyond the moon", Bern 1993