Slumberland world lullabies

15 lullabies for parents & children in English, Hebrew, Spanish, and Swiss • German page
Voices from Ireland (Anna Murphy/Eluveitie), Israel (Idan Raichel), Colombia (Marta Gomez), Switzerland (Roland Zoss, Céleste Remy)

Artwork by Holger Schöpflin, 2004

When love becomes musicSlumberland video
Sleep is precious and dreams are sacred. «Slumberland World Lullabies» unites an international selection of touching voices in this very special album of ancient-sounding hymns. Composed by Swiss poet Roland Zoss and featuring musicians and singers from Ireland, Israel, Colombia, Persia, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland. The Slumberland songs bring us back to where we all come from: the land of our childhood. Through the voices of Anna Murphy, Idan Raichel, Marta Gomez, Roland Zoss and others, these beautiful songs in several languages are now available to children, their families and friends all over the globe. Thanks to all singers, managers and children united in this spiritual project.
Roland Zoss, producer 2017

You can find all multi-lingual Slumberland tunes digitally remastered on iTunes.


Idan Raichel

"The Idan Raichel Project" created by Idan Raichel, has established itself as a "meeting place" for music and musicians from around the world. Including Colombia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Germany, Morocco, Portugal and the US.

"The most important thing in my life is my family, receiving back the love that I give to it. And the same is, I hope, true of my songs - they come from the heart and they make their way into the hearts of others".

"This song here is the most "family oriented" song that I have written. Inspired by a special moment during a sleepless night with my older daughter, when she was one year old".
Idan Raichel






Roland ZossMarta Gomez and son

Marta Gómez - a Colombian Songwriter - has developed an extensive music career which has placed her as one of the most interesting singer songwriters on the world music scene today.
Marta and her group perform a repertoire of original compositions based on the extensive rhythms from Latin America. She has won several latin grammy awards and nominations.

"When i met Marta for the first time in Barcelone to perform the Slumberland songs it was like meeting an old friend. What a blessing to have someone like her interpreting your songs. Marta Gomez' voice brings the sun into everyones heart!"
Roland Zoss

Songs & Artists

English • Anna Murphy

1) How dear you are
2) Lila-lula (Man in the Moon)
3) Unicorn
4) Train to Slumberland
5) Little witch
6) I hear a bell ring

7) Mighty God • Céleste Remy

Hebrew • Idan Raichel

8) Yalda Shelli Ktana* (Little girl of mine)

Spanish • Marta Gomez
9) Duermete mi niño
10) Mil motitas blancas
11) Nanna-na-na
12) LIla-Lula
13) Brujita

Swiss German • Roland Zoss
14) Chumm Mamma
15) I ha di gärn

Music & lyrics by Roland Zoss
except "Yalda Shelli Ktana" by Idan Raichel*
EAN 7630047193354

Anna Murphy / Eluveitie

Anna Murphy was a member of the world famous Swiss folk metal band "Eluveitie" between 2006 and 2016 featuring the hit "The Call of the Mountains". With several hundred concerts worldwide, she is an experienced performer, who sang lead vocal and played hurdy-gurdy. Since leaving Eluveitie, she has been singing lead vocal for the folk rock band ‘Cellar Darling’.

"The most important thing in life apart from my family and friends is music. I've been a musician since 12 years now. I believe in the power of the human mind and the creativity resulting from that power, it's what I live for. Imagination is in my opinion our greatest gift and with it we can create melodies, pictures and stories that can form the world as we wish it to be. That is one of the reasons I'm singing on the Slumberland CD.
As a child I never needed materialistic items to occupy me during the day, I just lived in the world I created in my head. If you can imagine and invent stories you don't need much else and this beautiful gift often gets lost as we get older. We should not lose the child within us and we should keep telling our children stories, especially in the form of music."
Anna Murphy


Asita Hamidi: Harp, Cheng (chinese Harp)
Wolfgang Zwiauer: Guitar, Bass, Udu, Metallophone, Melodica
Shirley Grimes: Guitar

Björn Meyer: Tenor-Guitar, Bass, Udu
Joe McHugh: Percussions, Tin Whistle, Low Whistle, Uillean Pipes (not on photo)
Roland Zoss: Guitar, Glass harp


All music, voice of Roland Zoss:
Helge v. Dyk 2004

Voice of Marta Gomez:
Gaddafi Nuñez 2014

Voices of Anna Murphy & Céleste Remy:
Peter von Siebenthal 2017

Credits, Words, Music
Yalda Shelli Ktana
arranged & produced by Idan Raichel.  2015 Helicon Ltd

Credits, Words, Music of other songs
arranged & produced by Roland Zoss

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Swiss German CD
Slumberland-CD 1 & 2:
ISBN 3-908250-85-4, CHF 29.–
distribution exclusively Switzerland
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